Missing Children Society of Canada Missing Children Society of Canada

Family & Peer Support Program

Providing specialized and comprehensive support for families with missing children.

No family should have to deal with the trauma of a missing child alone. Our Family & Peer Support program provides specialized and comprehensive support for families with missing children through one-on-one support, group sessions, peer-led conversations and seminars.

Among other things, the program can help by:

  • Providing support throughout the reunification process;
  • Helping to identify counseling and practical resources in families’ local areas;
  • Helping to develop coping skills to deal with the stress associated with an investigation;
  • Helping to develop strategies for maintaining families’ privacy and confidentiality;

We will connect with families through the communications channels that are most convenient and preferred. Options include phone, Skype and email.

For more information, please contact us at 1-800-661-6160 or info@mcsc.ca

“The difficult times that I went through while my daughter was abducted were highly emotional and it wasn’t easy to focus on the most important aspects of my daily life. The Missing Children Society of Canada’s Family & Peer Support out west has been great, helping me understand what is really happening with the left-behind parents, and how to cope with the pain.”

- Reunited Parent and Former Program Participant

“We are here to help serve you in one of your greatest times of need and focus on providing that support in the form that you feel most comfortable with, whatever that may be.”

- Mona Cooley, Program Specialist