Esri Canada, Geographical Thinking: Season 1|Episode 12: A Game Changer of Searching for Missing Children

Published: 6/8/2021 12:00:00 PM

Recently MCSC CEO Amanda Pick spoke with host Guan Yue from the Esri Geographically Thinking podcast series to discuss the Child Search Network and its impact on finding missing children faster. In 2020, over 30, 000 children were reported missing in Canada with less than one percent being broadcast through the AMBER Alert system. Now technology and geography applications are making it possible for people to support the police in the search for a missing child when AMBER Alert criteria is not met. Our technology partner at Esri Canada has created a game-changing solution, the Child Search Network, for all Canadians to join in the search for a vulnerable child.

By downloading the new MCSC rescu app, built by Esri, you can sign up to receive SMS alerts in your area should the police need the public’s assistance. Please take a moment to download rescu ( and listen to the Geographically Thinking podcast with Guan and Amanda by clicking here. Thank you Esri Canada you are truly changing the way we protect children.