Giving Back on #GivingTuesday

Published: 11/30/2020 12:00:00 PM

Today is #GivingTuesday and on this day, the Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC) is asking for your help. 

The global giving movement was organized to bring businesses and people together to rally for their favorite charities after the consumer shopping frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

MCSC is committed to keeping children safe and works in conjunction with police and families across the country in the search for children who go missing.

Like many, MCSC is facing a considerable decline in charitable contributions because of COVID-19, while at the same time the pandemic is leaving children more vulnerable than ever and in need of our help. 

RCMP statistics show that of the roughly 38,000 children reported missing across Canada in 2019, 74 percent were runaways, considered at-risk youth, mostly pre-teens or teenagers. The reasons they run are many. Sometimes they have to leave an unhealthy home, they might be lured by strangers they meet online pretending to be friends, or maybe they've fallen victim to misadventure.

Regardless, every one of them is vulnerable.

The Missing Children Society of Canada exists to help those at-risk youth who get lost on the streets, as well as a child abducted by a non-custodial parent, or a stranger, or one who has wandered away from safety.

Donations to our organization are always welcome, but just as important is the participation by individuals across Canada in the search for missing kids. 

That can be done through MCSC rescu, an app that allows everyone to see police-reported cases of missing children divided by regions makes it simple to submit tips, and invites everyone to sign up for SMS alerts sent when police feel it's important to engage the public quickly, outside of an AMBER Alert. Police are clear that their success depends on the eyes and ears of people in the community.

The technology is critical, but it's only effective when people use it and that's why we need you. Please join the search for missing children by using and sharing MCSC rescu.

To join the search for missing children -