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Driving our CodeSearch program forward: AMTA

While our corporate partners represent a wide range of industries, we find that they always have some things in common – a passion for collaboration and innovation, and a deep commitment to the communities they serve. Our partners at the Alberta Motor Transport Association share this passion and commitment.

In September 2017, MCSC began a new CodeSearch partnership with the AMTA to further expand the reach and power of our network. The AMTA is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1938 to serve as the unified voice for road transportation fleets in Alberta. From safety practices and education, to policy and regulation, the AMTA represents all sectors of the highway transportation industry.

Given the AMTA’s work to embrace cutting-edge safety programs and foster collaboration between its members, the partnership with MCSC’s innovative CodeSearch program has been a clear fit.

“The AMTA partnered with MCSC in September 2017 as a means to provide support and help for families who are in the midst of locating their missing children,” explained Lorraine Card, outgoing president of the AMTA.  “It takes great integrity to see an issue within our community and stepping up to the plate to do something about it. MCSC has definitely stepped up in being able to leverage innovative partnerships and resources to return missing children back to their families.”

MCSC is currently in the process of working with AMTA to roll out the CodeSearch program to their membership. CodeSearch is an app-based rapid response program that engages corporate Canada in partnership with MCSC and law enforcement for missing children.

“We know that it only takes one person in the right place at the right time to help a missing child,” said Amanda Pick, CEO of MCSC. “Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, commercial transport vehicles are in every community across Canada. The drivers behind the wheel of those trucks are ideally positioned to provide the valuable eyes and ears in the search for missing children. Our partnership with the AMTA is an incredible addition to our CodeSearch program.”

“We believe that as remarkable as the CodeSearch program is, it is most effective through a network. With our members spread across the province, AMTA believes that it can offer MCSC a constantly moving network – our Members,” continued Card. “Our membership comprises of commercial transportation companies, and those that supply a wide range of services to the commercial transportation companies. By having the drivers of Members, who are on the various road networks across the province enrolled on this platform, we, as a community increase the opportunity for more missing children to be returned home.”

“The more people engaged to spread the word on a missing child, the better the chance of reuniting that child with their family,” Card explained.

In support of the new partnership, Amanda was a featured speaker at the AMTA’s 80th Anniversary Leadership Conference and AGM in Banff on April 21 where she spoke on protecting Canadian children with innovation and the power of partnerships.

“The [CodeSearch] initiative has been well received by members and we anticipate that to grow even more now that Amanda has made her presentation at our 80th Anniversary Leadership Conference and AGM,” continued Card.

“We feel Amanda’s passion, and the powerful message she delivers, drives MCSC to help families with the return of missing children to a safe haven, and to work towards eliminating child abduction in Canada.”


“The more people engaged to spread the word on a missing child, the better the chance of reuniting that child with their family.”

– Lorraine Card, outgoing president of the AMTA


“From our first meeting with MCSC we made an instant connection. The MCSC team is easy to work with and we always feel welcome. We are always greeted with a smile,” Card expressed.

“We were thrilled to learn about all the initiatives MCSC has underway, especially what the organization has accomplished over the years. And we are committed to supporting MCSC in the best way we can.”

“As citizens, it is our primary duty to our community to help missing children return home. As an association, we are proud that we can contribute in any way we can – and this is a great opportunity,” continued Card.

To other corporate partners who may be considering supporting MCSC, Card had these closing words:

“Get involved. As not only your civic duty, but your duty as a parent, relative or guardian, there is nothing more rewarding than to know you have contributed in some capacity in bringing joy back to a family somewhere in the country. We are a community, and the greater good of our community is our overall responsibility. That is why we are involved – so join us.”

On behalf of our team and our searching families, thank you to the AMTA for sharing your story and for your support. We are grateful to have you on board.