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May is Missing Children’s Month; a time when we reflect on those whom we have lost, celebrate those who have been found and ache with those families who continue to search for answers about their missing loved one. May is also a time for action though because YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

There are over 45,000 children reported missing in Canada every year. That is 1 child every 11 minutes. Every year there are approximately 150 abductions in Canada, thousands of disappearances and over 30,000 vulnerable youth. We don’t often hear about these cases because in Canada there is a very high threshold for what constitutes an AMBER Alert, and police don’t always have a way to connect immediately with the public when a case does not meet that threshold. The 30,000 vulnerable youth we hear about in terms of child homelessness, drugs, gang violence and child exploitation; but before they are part of any other statistic, they are first MISSING.

For over 30 years the Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC) has provided unique and comprehensive programs to assist and support police and families across Canada and internationally in the active and ongoing search for missing children, helping to bring answers and returning missing children to a safe haven.  MCSC works closely with police as well as corporate partners to search for missing children and support families in accessing resources from their local communities.  With the Missing Children Society of Canada’s innovative technology, Most Valuable Network, communities across Canada can join the digital volunteer network to become involved in the search for missing children. And the best part is – IT WORKS. Utilizing technology to immediately engage the public in a specific geographic area using the technology people already have in their pockets, their mobile devices, MCSC is helping police connect with those people who are in a place to help immediately. Police, corporations and the public are coming together like never before and the results are incredible: Children are being found because a connected community is a safer community!

This revolutionary program and technology is catching the attention of global giants like Microsoft and Google who are working with MCSC and providing in-kind technology support to ensure that MCSC’s solutions are always on the cutting edge of innovation. Not only are technology leaders taking notice, but global community leaders who dedicate their lives to finding missing children around the world.

Here Is How YOU Can Be Involved:

  1. Email Brenda Mantle at [email protected] to find out about volunteer opportunities in your area.
  2. Like and Follow the Missing Children Society of Canada on Facebook and Twitter and share/like/RT posts about missing children in your area from our pages as we share information directly from police daily.
  3. Donate your social feed to the Most Valuable Network; a social media permissions program that allows you to give permission to our organization to post directly onto your news feed (as if you yourself posted!) if there is an AMBER Alert or Urgent Alert in your area. This means all your friends and followers can see the information, share it, and grow the reach of people looking for that child. Find out more HERE.
  4. Get your company involved! MCSC has a fantastic community engagement program for all organizations; employees can download a free app and be notified about missing children cases in their area via push notification and GPS geo-targeting. Find our more HERE.
  5. Donate to the Missing Children Society of Canada to help support the search for missing children and the continued creation and expansion of innovative technology to help engage the community and find children faster. To make a contribution, please click HERE.

A connected community is a safer community!