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Missing Children Society of Canada Executive Director Invited to the European Parliament

We’ve gone global! The Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC) is shared its voice and expertise at an invite-only conference held last week at the European Parliament on the topic of ‘Child Alerting in the European Union (EU): Saving The Lives of Endangered Missing Children’.

MCSC’s Executive Director, Amanda Pick, received a personal invite to Brussels from the founder of AMBER Alert Europe, Frank Hoen. She attended with the only other Canadian invited, Carole Bird, Director, Inspector in Charge of the National Centre for Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains, RCMP, who is also a member of MCSC’s Board of Directors.

The conference brought together police and ministry representatives from the different EU member states actively involved in the field of child alerting and endangered missing children, as well as topic owners at the European Parliament, European Commission, international organizations and relevant NGOs.

In addition, Pick also moderated the plenary session, ‘Innovative Technology and New Media To Help Find The Missing’, where she was able to highlight MCSC’s one-of-a-kind technology emergency response network, the Search Program.

“It is a huge honour to have a seat at this conference. The chance to share about our Search Program is an international validation of just how innovative our program is and the potential it has to change the way the world searches for missing children,” says Pick.

MCSC’s Search Program (which includes the World’s Most Valuable Network, CodeSearch and MarketWired alerts) was built of the foundational concept of ‘partnership’ and the power of a connected community that supports law enforcement in the search for missing children. Engaging individuals, corporate Canada and the media across the nation in such an innovative approach enables rapid deployment of resources to assist law enforcement to expand their efforts as required.

The goal of AMBER Alert Europe – a non-profit initiative for and by police experts – is to further improve police cooperation within the EU for child alerting and endangered missing children, as well as to help member states build and further improve their child alert/ AMBER Alert systems.

This full day conference will help to create an informal network (in addition to the formal lines that have been put into place), share expertise on the topic and streamline the creation and further improvement of the child alert systems in the different EU member states.

MCSC is privileged to be part of this international conversation focused on partnership, interoperability and citizen sourcing for the purpose of locating missing children.