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Partner Profile: Northern Backup

Corporate partners have always been a big part of the success we’ve achieved over the years at the Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC). We are thrilled to have global giants like Microsoft and Google on board, but the support we receive from our small, local business partners is just as vital. One such local partner is Northern Backup – a Calgary-based IT firm that specializes in the design, implementation, and support of information technology systems. For example, they offer a state of the art data centre through their completely secure “Hyperbia” cloud hosting solution.

Northern Backup has been providing IT support to MCSC for about 5 years, and in that time they have proven to be “a local partner that has changed our world,” according to Amanda Pick, CEO of MCSC.

“I believe I first met Amanda at an event, and I found her passion to be overwhelming,” said Stephen McCormick, VP Business Development at Northern Backup. “She immediately reminded me of my sister, a real spit fire. I love her passion. She’s incredibly committed. I knew we had to help MCSC in some way.”

The team at Northern Backup met with MCSC and quickly determined that the organization critically needed help with IT solutions and support.

“All of their IT was being housed in the building, which posed a number of problems including security risks and the high costs of constantly upgrading in-house servers and hardware,” explained McCormick. “Now we provide all their hosting in our secure cloud and our professional IT support for free. It saves them money to enable them to find missing kids.”

“Its important to point out that we didn’t do this alone. The change we brought to MCSC wouldn’t be possible without support from SHAW,” McCormick humbly acknowledged. “We reached out to our contacts at SHAW and they immediately jumped on board to bring in all the fibre to the building that we needed to facilitate the hosting. Our support could not have happened without that help from SHAW.”

In addition to the IT support they provide to MCSC, Northern Data also takes part in the organization’s bottle recycling program and creates networking connections whenever possible. “Where ever Amanda can knock on doors, we try to make that introduction,” he continued.

“Like MCSC, we do fundamentally believe that tech is important in finding kids,” McCormick explained. “Its all about the kids. Its that simple. We have kids so we feel that connection. Who wouldn’t be absolutely devastated to lose a child. It’s the least we can do.”

On behalf of our searching families, we thank Northern Backup for being a vital part of our ongoing work to find missing children.