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WestJet Provides a HUGE Increase to the Reach of Most Valuable Network

During Missing Children’s Month our incredible Cares for Kids partner, WestJet, decided that they wanted to help engage the public and let Canadians know that they can play an active role in keeping our kids safe. What they did was AMAZING!

From May 16th until May 25th, WestJet actively encouraged Canadians to become a part of Most Valuable Network, a social media community that gives permission for the Missing Children Society of Canada to push AMBER Alerts and Urgent Child Search Alerts directly onto their Facebook or Twitter feeds so that all of their friends or followers can see that information, share it and exponentially grow the reach of people looking for that child. All information is geo-targeted so users are only receiving information about urgent missing children in their area. Because of their campaign, WestJet increased the reach of MCSC’s Most Valuable Network by over 300,000! That is 300,000 more people who could help if their is a child missing in their area.

We are so grateful to WestJet and all they do for the safety and well-being of Canadian children and families. To learn more about Most Valuable Network please visit: