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Search Program

Our Search Program engages individuals, corporate Canada and the media in the search for missing children.


What happens when a child goes missing?

Every minute counts when a child goes missing. It’s important that authorities, such as police, be contacted so efforts can be concentrated around the search for that child.

In many cases, alerts will be sent out to members of the public whose help is vital to finding the missing child.

Typically, there are two alert scenarios when a child goes missing: the AMBER Alert, which is used sparingly, or the Child Search Alert, which is initiated by the Missing Children Society of Canada upon being contacted by police.

AMBER Alerts

An AMBER Alert is a rapid emergency child alert system that is activated by police when a missing child under age 18 is believed to have been abducted and in imminent danger.

AMBER alerts are sent through the National Public Alerting system to mobile phones and on broadcast media, through social media and on electronic highway signs.

Alerts include the name and a description of the abducted child, who he or she might be with and descriptions of any vehicle suspected of being used in the abduction.

AMBER Alerts are rarely issued, and criteria depends on the province, but they should be taken seriously by members of the public who play a critical role in the search.

Child Search Alert

Most cases of abducted or missing children do not fall under the AMBER Alert criteria, but police still need a connection with Canadian communities to get the word out. It’s at that time police notices are transmitted via the Missing Children Society of Canada’s networks to be shared and broadcast.

MCSC’s notices are a vital element of the organization’s mandate as a partner with police in the search for missing children.


“We believe that this program has the potential to improve traditional search and investigation methods and offer law enforcement resources which, given budget restraints, prove challenging for all agencies within the police community.”

– Superintendent Cliff O’Brien, Calgary Police Service


The Missing Children Society of Canada’s Child Search Alerts include people connected through social media, digital marketers, plus traditional and online media. The alerts are assembled to support police and allows them to share important information with the public. All information to the network comes directly from police.


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Endorsed By The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) Board of Directors endorses MCSC’s technology network which offers unique support to law enforcement in missing children cases.  Our Search program harnesses innovative technology to connect police with community – the eyes and ears for our missing children.

The CACP actively encourages policing leadership to evaluate and consider the Search program within their respective jurisdictions – a significant step in the right direction as Canadian municipalities work to implement proactive and collaborative solutions to find missing children.

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