Missing Children Society of Canada Missing Children Society of Canada

Search Program

Our Search Program engages individuals, corporate Canada and the media in the search for missing children.

Our Search Program engages individuals, corporate Canada and the media in the search for missing children and has three distinct components:

  1. Most Valuable Network™ leverages the viral power of social media to instantly spread awareness and alert the public of a missing child. Learn More
  2. CodeSearch™ engages corporate partners and their employees with law enforcement in the active search for missing children using geo-targeted alerts and real-time news feeds. Learn More
  3. GlobeNewswire alerts harness the reach of traditional and digital media by rapidly pushing notifications to thousands of media outlets across the country. Learn More

Endorsed By The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) Board of Directors endorses MCSC’s technology network which offers unique support to law enforcement in missing children cases.  Our Search program harnesses innovative technology to connect police with community – the eyes and ears for our missing children.

The CACP actively encourages policing leadership to evaluate and consider the Search program within their respective jurisdictions – a significant step in the right direction as Canadian municipalities work to implement proactive and collaborative solutions to find missing children.

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The Search Program in Action

In 2013, a teenage girl went missing from her community. She was classified by law enforcement as an ‘Endangered Runaway,’ and was known to be in the company of a man with a violent criminal history. The man had left the community with the teenage girl, and investigating officers believed that her physical safety was in great danger. They activated the Missing Children Society’s Search Program, pushing critical, time-sensitive alerts out to individuals in specific geographic areas across two different provinces.

Here is what happened next:

  • 1,308,306 people were alerted of the girl’s disappearance via CodeSearch and the Most Valuable Network;
  • A media release was distributed to 1,000 traditional and non-traditional media sources via our partner, Marketwired; and,
  • 61,624 more people learned about the case through MCSC’s social media efforts.

Due to the reach of the information, and the level of community engagement it provoked, the man felt pressured to return with the girl to the city he had lured her from. Police officers were then able to successfully apprehend the individual and reunite the girl with her searching family.

“We believe that this program has the potential to improve traditional search and investigation methods and offer law enforcement resources which, given budget restraints, prove challenging for all agencies within the police community.”

– Inspector Cliff O’Brien, Calgary Police Service