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A rapid-response program

CodeSearch™ is a rapid-response program that engages corporate Canada in partnership with MCSC and law enforcement to help find missing children.

CodeSearch™ is an app-based rapid response program that engages corporate Canada in partnership with MCSC and law enforcement in the search for missing children. It gives corporations the opportunity to make a difference in the communities where they operate by supporting law enforcement with their resources and people power. Most importantly, it can help prevent tragedies and reunite families.

We are proud of our efforts to put technology to use for social good, and find new and innovative ways to more quickly locate missing children. Strategic use of existing and emerging technologies, as well as effective community partnerships, are invaluable when it comes to keeping our children and communities safe.

The CodeSearch™ program and app are available for all law enforcement agencies in Canada to utilize, have been adopted by police across the country and the Search Program has been endorsed by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. CodeSearch™ is powered by RallyEngine.

How CodeSearch™ Works

It’s simple, really. CodeSearch™ partner employees download a smartphone app and sign up as field agents to be notified in the event a child goes missing. The Missing Children Society of Canada can then send geo-targeted alerts to agents in areas where a child has gone missing or any abduction has occurred. For more information regarding how the program works and the technology behind CodeSearch™, view the video below.

For more information regarding CodeSearch™ and becoming a CodeSearch™ partner, please email: [email protected]

“Not everyone watches the 6 o’clock news. Having access to members of the community through non-traditional means of communication can only help in the search to locate missing children. The more eyes we have on the lookout, the greater the chances we can quickly locate a missing child and safely reunite them with their family.”

– Former Calgary Police Chief Rick Hanson