May 25 - A Global Moment to Honor Missing Children and Those Who've Been Found

MCSC observes Missing Children’s Month as a poignant reminder that every child deserves safety every single day.

For over three decades, MCSC has stood by families every step of the way, providing crucial support during the challenging times of a missing child's investigation and even after they are reunited. Together with law enforcement, we harness the power of technology in this crucial mission.

Learn more about our initiative here .

Stay Connected

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Visit The National Centre for Missing Persons and Identified Remains to see missing cases across Canada. Learn more about local and national cases and share their information as you never know who may be able to provide answers to their searching families 

Crucial Continuation: Staying Involved Post-May

  • Empower yourself and join our community's safety network with rescu on your phone. Receive instant alerts about missing children in your area, empowering you to stay vigilant and responsive when it truly matters. Your participation is crucial in offering hope to families in need. Help make a difference by becoming part of our Child Search Network:
Step 1: Download "MCSC Rescu" from your local app store.
Step 2: Register to receive SMS alerts and stay informed.
Step 3: Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter & Instragram for real-time updates and to help spread awareness.


  • MCSC works to return missing children to a safe environment but we can't do it alone. If you're able, please consider donating here.

A day of remembrance and solidarity with families tirelessly searching for their missing children, honoring their strength and resilience. On this day, we remember every child who has gone missing. We stand together, unwavering in our commitment to bring them home. Never give up hope. We don't.